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December 9, 2004

MTV Real World House

MTV Real World house room decor

MTV's Real World filmed their current season here in Philadelphia. About a year ago, my gallery called me saying that the producers were interested in one of my pieces to use as room decor.

This isn't the sort of thing I usually do, and since there was no money in it I said "Sure go ahead" and then forgot about. Usually these things don't lead to anything.

Anyway, my son told me he saw my piece on the show last week. Since I'm old enough to remember when MTV launched, I'm too old to actually watch it anymore. But they have some shots of the house on their website.

This piece is titled "Believes". Here's the portfolio the piece comes from.

This is the piece as it is used in the house on MTV's Real World.

Here's a page with more links to a 360 degree view of the room and the MTV Real World producer being interviewed about the design. Follow the links under "Green Bedroom".

Posted by Don Tracy at 11:54 AM